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Investigations of accidents & failure/reliability analysis of
electrical and electronic systems and equipment

Most accidents and failures are related to noncompliance of safety requirements due to mis interpretations, non-availability of technical knowledge to conduct an investigation as a result scientific methods are not followed and negligence.


e.g. of Mis-interpretations

A type of TT system is followed by electricity supply companies instead of TN-C-S or TN-S type of supply system. (TT system with earthed neutral at distribution is a unrecognized system).

Separate earth electrode for each part of electrical installation, which is in violation to almost all established standards.


e.g. Non availability of technical knowledge


Fault protective measures are not implemented in industrial and commercial buildings.


Protective devices are selected based on the future demands resulting in over sizing of protective devices.


Measures to ensure safety from “Fire due to short circuit” are not implemented.


The only known electrical safety audit is to measure earth electrode resistance, presence of charts, tables and danger boards, availability of PPE’s, measurement of harmonics.


e.g. Negligence


Fundamental safety measures are not carried out, due to economical reasons


Rather than making audits and investigations based on recognised IEC standards, most often the available partial knowledge is used in safety audits.


Usage of non-recognised devices as per code of practice “e.g usage of ESE lightning protection used widely, which is not recognised in IS/IEC 62305, and banned in NBC of India -2016. (Note: Both IS/IEC 62305 and NBC-2016 are classified Code of practices to be followed to comply safety regulation 12).

AJB fully burned

Includes information from modern product design techniques, product testing and its performance requirements and the requirements in the installation to ensure safety and reliability. 
These information are used to scientifically investigate an accidents & failure / reliability analysis of electrical and electronic systems and equipment.

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