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Awareness programs and webinars 

Accidents due to electricity and failure of electronic systems are common in India. Lack of knowledge attributes to poor quality installation, leading to accidents. CAPE webinars on various electrical subjects based on the modern installation practices and IEC standards has been organized on a mass scale from 2020 to 2022.

The program attained interest and gained the active participation of close to 200 engineers in each webinar. Major participants are electrical designers and engineers working in the field of safety and audits including engineers from electrical inspectorates of various state governments.

This webinar covers important design and installation techniques to achieve high degree of electrical safety based on the latest IEC standards, which will be highly beneficial to engineers working in industrial, commercial, aviation, military, insurance, power, communication sectors, and who provide electronic, IT equipment & services and electrical safety auditors.

Training is a continuous process for us

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Electrical fires in buildings 

Recommended mitigations techniques and building classifications

The IEC 60364-4-42 in conjunction with national statutory requirements are followed globally to ensure protection of persons and property against thermal effects such as fire from electricity.


Enhanced electrical safety measures are necessary depending upon the classification of building based on occupancy and conditions of evacuation in case of fire.


In India the IS732 includes the requirement of electrical installation in order to protect from thermal effects of using electricity. (eg. In UK BS7671, chapter 42)

The National Building Code of India Part 4 table 7 explains the minimum requirement of fire fighting Installations in different kind of buildings based on the building type and occupancy. How ever the electrical engineering standards the classifications is made in a different way.


The webinar explains the coordination of classification of buildings based on NBC-2016 with respect to electrical safety requirements for general areas, escape routes and corridors and for safety service.


The webinar will be useful for all practicing engineers in the field of MEP, fire safety and security services in different kind of buildings to understand these requirements.

Our trainings are appreciated by 1000's of engineers

Enhance electrical safety measures

Protect people and property from fire due to short circuit and other electrical accidents

Approximately 723 people are electrocuted annually per 100 million population in India according to a presentation made on National Workshop on Electrical Safety 12thApril, 2016. This figure is multiple times high in comparison to other nations.  The presentation also gave a safety score of 16 % for India which is the least out of all G20 nations. Reports from the media claims over 80 % of fire accidents in Mumbai are due to short circuits.


Most often ELECTRICAL SAFETY is used as a marketing tool rather than applying it practically. An analysis on the electrical wiring shows a big scope for improvement, which are mandatory for achieving “ELECTRICAL SAFETY” in buildings. Often electrical installations in modern and critical building lack the fundamental safety measures. In several cases nonelectrical engineers design, erect and maintain a critical electrical installation.


The webinar will explain fundamentals of “Electrical safety in an installation” and the modern measures necessary in a building to make “Electrical safe buildings”. The webinar will also discuss on basic and mandatory requirements in an electrical installation to avoid fire due to short circuit, which is often missing in our modern buildings.

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Our trainings are appreciated by 100's of organisations of repute

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