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Artificial Intelligence  in Electrical Safety

Fire due to short circuit, Electrical safety audits, Shock protection, Failure of electronics, Compliance to regulations and standards

Electrical infrastructure in India is increasing rapidly, so is the number of accidents due to electricity. It is seen that one out of two fire accidents in buildings are attributed to electrical reasons such as a short circuit. The loss of properties due to fire from electricity is not yet ascertained, however it’s worth 1000’s of crores annually, resulting in the largest pay-outs for insurance companies. Many of these accidents happen in a low voltage (LV) system.


To create a world-class electrical installation, it is highly important that the recommended best practices in IS and IEC standards are followed without any deviations, and to make conformity assessments to these standards.

Safe Operation of Low Voltage Electricity

To provide an intelligent digital platform to support electrical safety engineers and safety auditors to understand and solve challenges in electrical safety and reliability requirements as per the latest IEC and ISO standards in Low Voltage electrical installation.

electrical panel testing

Electrical safety audits are recommended in the code of practices to ensure compliance and to ensure safety from electrocution, fire due to short circuit (electric fires), failure of electronics and ensure long life for the installation.

SOLVE provide the digital support for 

  • TIC of LV system

  • TIC of HV system

  • TIC of machinery and equipment

  • Compliance analysis

  • TIC of special Installations

Investigations is an area which require deep knowledge, experience and expertise in electrical engineering.

SOLVE provide digital supports for Investigations and failure analysis so that a non engineer can carry out the job like an expert 

  • Ignition of Fire from electricity (Fire due to short circuit)

  • Electric shock hazards (electrocution)

  • Failure of electronics

  • Static electricity (electric fires and electrocution)

electrical installation
Emergency Rooms

Special locations require special protective measures. One of the special locations where skills and expertise is necessary is medical locations in Hospitals (eg. Medical IT supply, Supplementary equipotential bonding, periodic verifications etc,

SOLVE provide Comprehensive solutions for

  • Hospitals and Medical locations

  • Solutions for WET areas

  • Solutions for Static electricity

  • Instrumentation and ICT systems

Special locations

Electrical safety in hospitals

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