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Earthing as per IS3043 & IS732

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

All about earthing in LV system as per IS3043 & IS732 1 hour 18 minutes video.

Earthing as per IS3043: Code of practice for Earthing

Earthing as per IS732: Code of practice for Electrical Wiring Installations

Earthing is misunderstood across India as some metal (such as pipe, rod, plate) in soil, covered with chemical, salt or charcoal. The regulations and standards are misunderstood as two electrodes in soil for Neutral & two more for body. In fact, this misunderstanding is one of the biggest mistake ongoing in India in electrical engineering, which is the main cause of accidents.

The seminar explains the different purposes and methods of earthing recommended in IS 3043 & IS732 and in almost every electrical engineering standard practiced across globe and the methods to make a reliable and safe electrical installation.

This video is extracted from the presentation organised by IEEMA on 22 July 2022

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at 1.08.10 , the value should be more than 1m ohms.

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