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Electrical Safety Specialist & Audits (Part 2)

The second part of the webinar discuss about the testing called as Effectiveness of Automatic Discussion.

Automatic disconnection of supply is a protective measure against protection from electric shock. This protective measure consists of Basic insulation or Barriers or Enclosure as a basic protective measure and Protective Equipotential Bonding and Automatic Disconnection of Supply as a fault protective measure.

Effectiveness of automatic disconnection of supply is carried out by testing fault loop impedance (and RCD’s if installed)

For enabling automatic disconnection of supply, fault return path is important. The webinar also explains about the confusing subject earth electrodes and fault return path in a TN system.

CAPE as an Electrical Safety Specialist plays a major role between the client and the auditor, guiding both to get maximum benefit out of periodic audits. CAPE services are available across India.

Video part 1 (introduction)

Video part 1 (main presentation)

Video part 1 (Q&A)

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shankar bala
shankar bala
21 dic 2022

Best Technical Info.

Me gusta
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