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SPD (part - 1)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Surge Protective device (SPD)


Today’s electronic aids are damaged by Electromagnetic effects of lightning (EMP) as well as switching of electrical equipment. Taller buildings with number of electronic aids are more vulnerable. One of the example is failure of drives in LED lights. The lightning protection system also protect all electrical and electronic installations in a building. This is achieved by Equipotential Bonding, Shielding and routing of cables and wires.

SPD’s plays a major role in equipotential bonding of live conductors. Its task is to protect the installation from external influences such as transient overvoltages caused by lightning and switching actions. The webinar in two parts will explain Part 1: SPD’s what are they and their intended purpose Part 2: Selection and erection of SPD’s based on the modern standards.

SPD part 1 - Main video

SPD part 2 - Q & A

SPD part 2 - Introduction

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