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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Methods and tips to make Electrical Safety Audits

This part of the webinar discussed about the legal requirements of verification and safety audits in an electrical installation and few of the methods to Inspect and Test an electrical installation. It was specially organised due to the news in media that 70% fire incidents due to short circuit; BMC wants housing societies to conduct electrical audit in Mumbai.

Key note speaker Shri. M V Deshmukh explained about his experience on fire accidents and electrical fires (fire due to short circuit) in Maharashtra.

fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits
fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits

The webinar was attended by more than 300 participants, with more than 160 joining at the beginning of the program.

fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits
fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits

Safety audits is the best technique to ensure safety in an electrical installation.

Electrical safety audits if made as per the modern methods will ensure safety against the possible risk such as electrocution and ignition of fire from short circuit. But What to be audited and how to audit depends up on the knowledge of the auditor. Most often unimportant subjects are audited, which do not produce any result. The IS732:1989 included 10 different testing, how ever this is yet to be practices in India. It is not a surprise to know that there are safety auditors who are unaware of the recommended electrical safety Inspection and testing requirements.

Part 4 of the webinar series “FIRE DUE TO SHORT CIRCUIT” explains the ways and methods of an electrical safety audit based on the upcoming National Electrical Code of India.

fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits
fire due to short circuit and electrical safety audits
Videos of the webinar

Video Main presentation

Video Q&A

Q&A of the webinar



​In electrical wiring how much minimum distance should be maintained between water tap and electrical socket in 220 vac supply in Kitchen?

Sir, What is the meaning of " Equipotential " in Protective Equipotential Bonding System and why it is Called as " equipotential " ? And Is it required to connect the Protective Equipotential Bonding System to Earth Electrodes for a TNS System ? If Earth Electrodes are required, How many Earth Electrodes are required for a Hospital having a Load of 1000Kws,with 1600KVA 11KV/433 Volts transformer, 1 - X Ray, 1 - CT Scan, 1 - Cath Lab ? Please Explain.

equipotential is Equal Potential (between simultaneously accessible metal parts). In a TN-S system connection to earth electrodes are not mandatory. Hospitals can use foundation earthing, means earth electrodes embedded inside concrete" so that there is no maintenance necessary.

While efforts are made by various Fire Protection associations and agencies to spread Fire safety, how can we spread Electrical safety awareness amongst general public

Would be a big task. Before general public, first the electrical engineers and engineers in safety and HSE shall be aware of electrical safety.

Please elobrate about the term "residual voltage"

​A voltage created in an undesired part due to various reasons including magnetic field.

please share the testing methods. where is it and what are the procedure of testing? who can test it?

Explained in the webinar. pl have a look at the video.

​In class 2 conductor is single strand but for class 5 it is flexible i.e multi strand , if the same electrolytic copper is used , why the difference?Single strand are susceptible to break.

Class 2 and Class 5 are multistrand cable. Class 1 is single strand

As we are increasing Solar PV system footprint, could you please put some light on potential contribution electrical safety / fire.

There are accidents happening in the SOLAR PV installations. Several reasons are there including product quality, poor quality installation and testing.

You said for LV applications, earth electrode resistance does not matter. We are required to conduct Earth resistance measurement for Street light poles. Do we need to do it in newer context.

Annual tests are necessary at distribution and up to point of commencement of supply. Not inside consumer premise. ref regulation 41 of CEA measures relating to safety and electricity supply 2010

Which type of earthing is promoted. Conventional or Chemical pipe earthing

​TN-S earthing shall be provided as per the regulations. earth electrode inside soil does not have much role in an LV system. be it conventional or chemical or digital.

Lead Free FR wires OR FRLS wires.

Which one is better?

Zero halogen (halogen free) wires

Sir when we are using the welding machine in the construction site, is it required body earthing for each machine?

​Yes but not to earth electrode, but to the incoming electrical panel which is feeding power to welding machine.

We have observed fire in specificaly wall mounted fan ( pvc make ) any standard for such type / prevention

Ensure that your MCB is tripping in such cases. Do a test on automatic disconnection of protective device.

​What is the name of Loop Impedence Testing meter?

Loop impedance meter.

any standard for static discharge points

IS 7689 is the Guide for the Control of Underisable Static Electricity

How can we measure earthing resistance at equipment and ensure the healthiness of circuit.

check the efficiency of automatic disconnection of supply for checking healthiness during earth fault.

Can we connect lightening earthing pits with building earthing pits.

YES. Down conductor and MET of the mains incoming panel to be bonded. Type 1 SPD's are also necessary at mains incoming panel

Any comment on stastic electricity shocks, whic we are facing regularly

Protective measures need to be implemented.

How to provide protection to VFD incoming for personnel safety

If its a class 1 product, make protective earthing as the first measure for personal safety.

Is all electrical panels installed in open public places should have red colour to identify it is dangerous to go near it. Any reference standard for same. Some power distribution companies use grey colour as paint for electrical panels

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2022

Dear Sir,

What are the Functional Tests which are to be carried out as part of Safety Audit ? Are there any meters to conduct Functional Tests ? Please Explain.

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